Geek Cat Necklace by REB

In the aftermath of PiWars we were wondering what to do and Rebelle decided to make some electronic jewellery.  She’s started out with a necklace inspired by some we saw at an art gallery, elongated animals with small print on them.  Inspired by this she started to draw some with large words that meant something to her.

Reb draws an ideas sheet of animal necklaces

The ideas turned into a drawing in Tinkercad and Reb used letters as the main body of a cat. This then printed out forms the main structure of her necklace.

Reb starting to design her neckalce

which over time becomes a cat shape with the word “GEEK”

And she prints it out

After printing out the Geek Cat it’s cleaned up and I help her with wirign it up. We’ve created two holes for LEDs and have the switch pushed through one of the spaces in an “E” of GEEK. Reb, again with my help, then solders the LEDs and a resistor in place along with switch and a battery holder.

Soldering the components onto the necklace

Components soldered and wires fixed with hot glue

Geek Cat necklace ready for a chain

It’s been a good project for Reb, she’s been inspired by some beautiful jewellery which has led her to design and create her own art. She’s developed her soldering skills a bit more but more than anything she’s very happy with the result showing it off in cafe. Somebody asked her if they were for sale and now she’s thinking about designing others like these and possibly selling them to save up for some more tech to be creative with, either that or a Nintendo…

Finished Geek Cat with green LED eyes

Reb out and about with her art

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