Controlling Mr Bit with Dualshock 3 Controller

We tried out using an app on an Android phone to control Mr Bit but we decided that it was going to be difficult to create an interface that would allow us control our robot sufficiently.

We have now tried control with a Dualshock PS3 sixaxis controller and we’ve decided that this is the way forward. To do this you will be better off with an original Sony PS3 controller as the replica ones don’t work well with Sixaxis pairing on linux. A really good example of how to pair and use a PS3 controller with the Pi is given on Tom Oinn’s blog for his approxeng.input library which he’s extracted out of Traingular from PiWars 2015.

We’ve chatted to Tom on twitter and are looking forward to thanking him for making this library open to others to use. A big shout out “Thanks” to Tom – we look forward to meeting you at PiWars this year.

We’ve simply used the left and right axis to control the left and right motors respectively. We’ll add more controls if and when needed but this gives us our basic movement as shown here:

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