GrovePi Arrival and Test

The GrovePi+ arrived at the weekend!

Dexter Industries have written a few Pi client libraries in different languages to make use of the GrovePi’s ATmega328. We’re going use the Python library which has functions similar to those seen in wiring such as digitalWrite(pin, val) and analogWrite(pin, val). This is great because we are not writing wiring code that compiles and uploads onto the Atmel chip, the program in fact runs on the Pi and these methods implement comms over I2C to the GrovePi, which interprets the commands to native Arduino functions.

To test this out we used the following simple program to blink and fade an LED.

So, unlike other Arduino based solutions we’ve come across that simply upload a sketch to the ATmega328, we are actually running code on the Pi that is controlling and sensing devices attached to the GrovePi. We can now use hardware PWM, analog to digital conversion and operate sensors at 5V from python code running on the Pi!

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