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Product Management – Child’s Play

Living some distance away from each other Rebelle and I need to collaborate and share plans whilst working on Mr. Bit.  We were writing down our lists of things to do and going over them trying to discuss them and prioritising what we need to do next but it became difficult to synchronise our lists and understand what each other was doing or had done.  Enter Trello – an online tool for making lists of tasks,  keeping track of important info about the tasks and moving them through a workflow which is tailored to the ways of working in the team.

screenshot of trello board

Columns on our board with cards as tasks

We have a Trello board for Mr Bit and on that board we have created columns to put cards in, the cards are the tasks.  We can drag and drop the tasks to order them in a stack of priority.  Our board’s columns are simply “to do”, “doing”, “done” and we added a 4th the other day “testing” – to match our workflow.

Our workflow is a discussion each evening about the backlog – what we’ve done and what we’ll do next. When we work on tasks we drag cards from “to do” into “doing” and when we have done that task then we drag the card into “testing” so when we meet next we can go through the testing column and if we are happy with what has been done we drag the card into done.  We can communicate in each card by leaving comments – discussing what needs to be done and the work that is in progress.

screenshot of a trello card details

Inside a card: add descriptions, assign, label and discuss

I’m amazed at how quickly Rebelle has picked up using Trello and these ways of working, it needed little guidance and has become a fun way to manage ourselves.  She creates tasks, updates them and enjoys prioritisation whilst wanting to keep momentum on moving the cards from left to right – it’s becoming a bit of a game.  Some good Product Manager skills are emerging.

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