Rebelle looking at pi wars on laptop

Pi Wars – Mr Bit Team Online

Rebelle (my daughter – that’s her handle for the web) and I have been planning to attend PiWars and have been scratching at moments to put our thoughts together on our robot.  We don’t have much time together, a few days every month and so we’ve been discussing over the phone most weeks about what we should do and how we should build it.

Rebelle looking at pi wars on laptop

Rebelle reading up on the requirements for Mr Bit

The name of our robot is Mr Bit.  Rebelle would like him to look like a cat but I’m not sure we can make him look like anything other than a stack of bits…  We’ll see.

Michael Horne who has set up PiWars is patiently asking for updates from teams, we’ve been a bit quiet (sorry Michael).  We are online now, we will update here and we will come along with something – what that is right now I’m not too sure.  There’s so much to do, Rebelle reminded me over the phone the other day when I said I’d been working on our sumobot (another project) that we needed to focus on Mr Bit as priority!  She’s a good project manager.

We have the requirements and we have bought some parts which I’ll go over in our next post.  We’ve never built a robot before, our sumobot is still in production though we’ve learnt a lot getting to where we are with it.

Rebelle writing the requirements for our robot on a blackboard

Getting the requirements down

We are very excited about the idea of taking part.  A lot to learn and loads of fun (and frustration) to be had I’m sure.  The countdown is on – we only have 2 months left!

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  1. Emma

    Very nice. From your twitter handle, looks like you might be near us. (Team Glitterator, another beginner family team, in the Peak District.) Hope your plans come together!

    1. Post
        1. Post

          Thanks Emma, we’ve been a few times quite a while back – Reb loves it there. Unfortunately I don’t think we can make it this weekend but hope to come to one soon!

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